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Death Battle - Master Aqua vs Prince Noctis by spartan1994 Death Battle - Master Aqua vs Prince Noctis :iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 4 Death Battle Royale - Power Armour by spartan1994 Death Battle Royale - Power Armour :iconspartan1994:spartan1994 0 0 Super Smash brothers by spartan1994 Super Smash brothers :iconspartan1994:spartan1994 5 2 Death Battle Demyx vs Lapis by spartan1994 Death Battle Demyx vs Lapis :iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 4 Ultimate Team by spartan1994 Ultimate Team :iconspartan1994:spartan1994 2 5
Avengers Assemble 15
56 hours until arrival
Location Middleton
With a quiet hiss the ships doors slid open, Kim squinted a bit as the sun leaked into the ship.
"Goodbye Miss Possible, remember to activate your locator beacon when you are ready to return" Computress' voice over the ships radio as Kim rose from her seat.
Before disembarking Kim gave Ron a brief hug and offering a comforting smile as she made her way down the ramp.
"See you soon"
As the ship took off across town Kim opened the front door and went to start preparing. Hearing sounds coming from the kitchen Kim poked her head in to see her parents sitting at the table.
Her father was the first to notice and smiled broadly at her.
"Kimmie you're home! Dexter told us you'd be back soon" the smile slowly lessened as he continued "Guess you're getting ready for the invasion huh?"
A twinge of worry ran through her but she forced it away and put on a confident smile
"Yeah just getting a few things together, but with the team Dexter's put together I'm
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 3 5
A new world prologue
The dawn of a new world, after a great cataclysm many worlds were destroyed and recreated into one. This is New Earth is home to some of the greatest heroes ever known.
From the now destroyed Planet Vegeta came the child Kakarot, known to the people of Earth as Son Goku. Growing up in the wilderness Goku has battled many enemies over the years, from the ruthless Red Ribbon army to the terrible demon king Piccolo and his son.  Though he now lives a simple life with his wife and son he remains one of if not the mightiest mortal on the planet.
Adopted into the illustrious Kuchiki family Rukia was soon entered into the 13 court guard companies. There she hones her skills under the guidance of vice-captain Shiba. During her trip to the world of the living she winds up becoming trapped there and worse revealed to the mortals. Unable to return and with their secrecy lost Rukia has been appointed as Soul Society's envoy with the world of the living.
When young Edward Eric's mother died af
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 2 2
Avengers Assemble 14
68 hours until arrival
Location Amity Park
Danny landed cloaked in front of his home. Making sure no-one was nearby Danny returned to his human form and entered opened the door.
He had barely taken a step inside when an orange blur tackled him and almost knocked him off his feet.
“Danny you’re back!” his older sister cried holding him in tight hug.
Taking a moment to catch his breath he slowly returned the embrace.
“Good to see you too but could you let go please I think you’re cutting off the circulation in my arms” he joked.
Letting go jazz gave an embarrassed laugh before returning to her protective older sister mode.
“Anyway where have you been? Have you seen the news that those aliens from a few months ago are coming back. Everyone’s freaking out buying supplies trying to find shelter. Mom and Dad are even trying to recalibrate the ghost shield to defend the town against attack.”
She explained.
She gave a small smile and plac
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 7
Avengers Assemble 13
‘Dear Dexter, sorry I couldn’t be here in person but there’s this little thing going on in the 14th century that needs seeing too or else Robert the Bruce won’t be leading any great victories on account of a giant spider… but never mind that, this is about Bardock, the bloke with the wild hair in your lab, in advance sorry about the mess.
First thing you should know about him, he’s going to have trust issues with you at first so try not to aggravate him.
Second is that you can under no circumstances let him see the moon. Ever.
Third point a Saiyan’s strength can be effected by how hungry they are (Yeah I know that’s a bit rubbish isn’t it?)
Finally watch out for his tail that’s his weak point don’t touch it no matter how soft it looks. Don’t ask me how I know it’s soft.
I know you’ll have your doubts about him but trust me when I say, or write, that when the time comes Bardock will do everything it tak
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 10
Avengers Assemble 12
As the ship touched down the team was shocked by the devastation caused to the town. All eyes being drawn to the body of the giant creature collapsed against a destroyed skyscraper.
It was Ron who first broke the silence.
“What the heck is that?!” he squeaked while Dexter began muttering to himself
Taking notice of her teammates confusion Kim made her way over.
“Dexter do you know what that thing is?”
“It’s called Badaxtra, I fought it once and it was nearly unstoppable. It was destroyed but…I can’t remember how” he admitted sheepishly.
Kim suddenly felt uneasy “You don’t think Bardock took it down by himself do you?”
“If he did then we better hope his offer to help is genuine, or the Lorwardians will be the least of our problems”
Bardock watched as the team exited heir ship and approached him. Admittedly he was
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 2 11
Devils, phantoms and soul reapers chp 6
The next day Danny dragged himself from his bed and yawned before wincing "I can't believe I'm still feeling that punch, his strength is unreal"
As he got dressed and he couldn't help but dwell on the battle "I couldn't even lay a scratch on him, nice of Clockwork to let me know what I was getting into" sighing he quickly ate his breakfast and slipped out the apartment.
"Might as well recon again, perhaps I can find that hat guy from yesterday and get some answers"
Transforming into his ghostly form he took off into the air unaware of the black cat calmly watching him from the roof.
"I should have bought a map" Danny thought as he glided over the streets "Not that I know where the guy lives"
As he hovered over one street a flash of orange caught his eye. Pausing he looked down to see a fairly tall young man with spiky orange hair walking along the street.
"I know that guy...he was at the park yes
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 2 10
Avengers Assemble 11
If she had a heart Jenny was sure it would have been going haywire right now.
"What's the plan?" her voice wavering slightly, Danny shook his head.
"I think we might be in over our heads I…I don't think we can win" he admitted
Jenny clenched her fists "We can't just do nothing"
Bardock cracked his knuckles catching their attention.
"Coming after me without your friends was a big mistake, tell me where Freeza is or I'll force it out of you"
Danny raised his hands "Wait..Bardock right? We don't need to fight we're not working for this Freeza guy"
"Why should I believe you?"
"Look if anything we're the ones who shouldn't trust you, you're the one who wigged out and started blasting the lab apart" Jenny shot back.
"Then why were you holding me in that lab?"
"We don't know how you got there, apparently some guy dropped you off in the med bay"
Bardock stopped trying to think back, he was injured he knew that but he couldn't remember anything after…
His eyes snapped open and his fac
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 4 14
Devils, phantoms and reapers chp 5
Ichigo could only stare as Dante leapt at Yammy raining blow after blow against his remaining arm.
"Regeneration? Is he a soul reaper? No his Reiatsu feels different, darker" shaking those thoughts aside Ichigo Flash stepped next to Dante.
Dante shot Ichigo an irritated look as he dodged another wild swing from Yammy.
"Back off kid you've in my way" he admonished drawing ebony from its holster and firing a few shots into Yammy's chest.
"Shut up old man I've got this" Ichigo replied taking advantage of the distraction to land a vertical slash down Yammy torso.
"Old man?!" Dante sputtered
Yammy staggered back "Shit! These two are really troublesome, need to split them…" Yammy caught sight of Orihime still healing Chad's arm across the park "Perfect"
Opening his mouth Yammy fired another red beam at Orihime.
"Orihime!" Ichigo screamed flash stepping in front of her. Raising his blade he began to gather his Reiatsu "Getsuga…!"
A sudden pain shot through his head, an image of two
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 0
Devils, phantoms and reapers chp 4
Danny groaned as he forced himself to his feet. Careful not to aggravate his jaw anymore he gently wiped the ectoplasm from his face.
"He's even stronger than the Ghost King" he thought struggling to keep his balance.
Looking up he saw the girl kneeling beside the fallen man, his arm now nearly completely healed. Across the park the giant was fighting a man in red.
"Hey wait a minute!" head jerking back in surprise and sending another wave of pain though his skull "What is HE doing here?"
Yammy swung his fist again only to have Dante dodge to the left and strike him across the chest with his sword tearing open his jacket but barley grazing the skin. Dante sighed in irradiation and raised his sword for another strike.
"Guess all that flab is stopping me getting through eh big guy?"
"Heh! My Hierro can't be cut by that puny blade human!" Yammy mocked, bringing both his fists down against Dante's blade.
Being pushed down to one knee by the sudden blow Dante gripped the sword with both han
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 0
Devils, phantoms and reapers chp 3
It had been one day since they had arrived in Karakura town. Maddie had already begun working with the two local ghost experts while the man in red had left early in the morning. This left Danny free to begin his search for the source of this unusually energy.
"I have a bad feeling that the strange energy mom's studying and the threat Clockwork mentioned are related, which means I have to find it before she does I can't risk her getting hurt" Danny thought as he left the apartment the professors had provided for them.
Two white rings appeared at his waist, split and began to move up/down his body replacing his white t-shirt and jeans with a black jumpsuit with white gloves and boots. His skin became paler and shone with a faint glow, his eyes changed from blue to neon green and his jet black hair turned pure white.
"Time for some aerial recon" he thought becoming invisible and taking to the skies.
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 0
Devils, pahntoms and reapers chp 2
Danny sighed as he leaned back in his chair. He'd been on the plane for nearly an hour now and was stuck with some ridiculous metal contraption on his head.
The device consisted of a pair of headphones and a translucent visor. As various Japanese phrases and translations played over the earphones, written words and translations appeared on the visor. Danny wondered if this was how Tucker felt when he was hooked up to the intensive study machine a few months back.
The Professor had explained that these machines would help them rapidly learn enough basic Japanese for their stay. Danny, while bored out of his skull had to admit it was better than learning the hard way.
Danny tilted his head back to get a view of the other occupants of the plane. He and his mother had met Professor Chion's partner, Professor Shunsuke, at a private airfield. The Professor was accompanied by a young man with platinum hair and a red coat who was leaning against the plane with a rather large guitar case. The m
:iconspartan1994:spartan1994 1 0


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